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About QSciences

The ‘Q’ in QSciences represents the word ‘Quintessential,’ which means the best of the best, the perfect embodiment of something, including our industry-leading, scientifically researched products. Because the status quo just won’t cut it at QSciences, the leadership, culture and opportunity match our line of full spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements by being quintessentially better than everyone else in the industry.
Launched in 2012 and based in over 16 countries we have built up a large spectrum of health products to help with weight control, energy, fitness, sleep and skin care.

A message from the QSciences CEO

BioAbsorb Full Spectrum
Hemp Oil

The most effective full spectrum hemp oil in the industry. BioAbsorb has a faster onset and is more bioavailable, giving you the most out of your hemp. These help support normal, everyday stresses, promotes normal recovery from exercise, supports a sense of calm for focus and promotes overall wellness.

Products include:
Q Fuse, Q Rest, Q Excel, Q Renew, Q Defend,
Q Relax, Q Twist and Q Ultra.


The all-natural energy sources are time-released, delivering long-lasting mental energy throughout the day and when you need it. Supports whole-body health at the cellular level, promotes improved cognition and overall brain health and increases energy production.

Products include:
Q Core, Q Max, Q 96, Q Align, Q Trim, Q Biotics,
Q Vitalize, Q Focus and EQ Complete Meal Shakes.

Fitness and Weight loss

Products designed to burn fat, curb appetite, and block carbs, while simultaneously providing natural, clean energy. Works to increase fat burning, support metabolism and converts fat into energy, boosts energy and helps balance blood sugar, promotes lean mass.

Products include:
Q Align, Q Trim, Q Sport, Q Ultra and
EQ Complete Meal Shakes.

Skin Care *

A range of creams to help detox, repair and moisturise. Hemp calms to visibly decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles and evens skin tone. Other creams are designed to provide relief for joints and sensitive skin or provide quick relief of exercise-induced inflammation from related muscle aches and joint discomfort.

Products include:
Canna BLUE Detox Scrub, Canna BLUE Complete Repair, Canna BLUE Hydrating Moisturizer,  
Q Excel and Q Repair.

* The Skin Care range is only available at seasonal times of the year. Please ask us for more information.

Oral Sprays

A huge range of oral sprays to help with sleep, energy, focus and pain relief. Some sprays work in as little as 15 minutes

Products include:
Q Sleep, Q C+, Q B12, Q D3,
Q Boost and Q Relief.